About Us


V&D Engineering Pty Ltd was founded in 2001 by Wally and Dusica Pivac with assistance from their sons Jason and Adam. As a family business with strong core values, the vision for V&D Engineering Service was to provide high quality ferrous and non-ferrous metal fabrication and associated mechanical and maintenance services. We have strived and succeeded in;

• Meeting and exceeding our clients expectations;
• Consistent delivery of high quality products and services;
• Maintaining the health and safety of all people involved in or affected by our projects;
• The minimisation of environmental impacts.

We have achieved this through the ongoing commitment to our company values, continual improvement of our HSEQ management systems, and our commitment to establishing and maintaining the right culture and behaviours.

The advantage V&D Engineering service has over other companies is its in-house capacity to handle large fabricated structures. With floor-space in excess of 2500 sqm and craneage up to 14 tons, the facility is ideal for the manufacture of sub sections and final assembly. We carry out all types of non-destructive testing including MPI, ultrasonic and dye penetrant testing and keep records of all welding done.